Paragliding Tandemflights with

Tandemflug Salzkammergut – PeakFlyer®

the pilots team of Karin Limbach

at Zwölferhorn in St. Gilgen 

Experience the fascination of paragliding with us: float above the world and feel unlimited freedom! The Zwölferhorn in St. Gilgen on Lake Wolfgang offers us one of the most beautiful spots. A tandem flight is a two-seater flight where you are accompanied by an experienced tandem pilot. You don’t need any previous knowledge for this.

Our pilot team from Tandemflug Salzkammergut – PeakFlyer is a team of professional pilots: Karin, Julian, Tom, Gottfried, Stefan, Harti and Gerald, with over 18 years of flying experience. We have been flying tandem flights on the Zwölferhorn since 2011 and have specialized in this. We are open daily in spring, summer and autumn and offer appointments with up to 6 pilots at the same time.

Our office is on the 1st floor of Paragliding Basecamp, right next to the cable car. Follow the stairs all the way to the top.


Why you should choose us? This is what we stand for as a team:


⇒ we only fly, if the weather is good

⇒ safety-conscious pilots

⇒ only selected pilots with a lot of experience

⇒ pilot transparency: you know who you are flying with

⇒ pilot request booking

⇒ customer-oriented booking and cancellation

⇒ best customer service and support:

you can reach us daily by phone or email between 7:30 a.m. and 9:00 p.m

⇒ best knowledge of local flying weather

through Karin’s experience on the Zwölferhorn


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